One House Project –


Background and Statement of Need


Approximately 56.7 million people living in the United States had some kind of disability in 2010.1  Both the number and percentage with a severe disabilities increased over that time period.  Of people aged 6 years and older, 12.3 million or 4.4 percent needed assistance with one or more activities of daily living (ADL) and instrumental activities of daily living (IADL), an increase from both the number and percentage that needed assistance in 2005.2


In the state of Colorado, over 524,000 persons age 16 and over report a disability.  According to the U S Department of Housing and Urban Development, Colorado had only 19,760 reported Total Assisted Units for the Elderly and Disabled (2010 figures).  Of that figure only 7,131 were designated for the elderly and 1,119 units were designated for people with disabilities.  Of the Total units available only 2,800 had accessible features.3


As the figures indicate, there is a great need for accessible and affordable housing in the State of Colorado.  While there are components available for accessible and barrier free homes in the Colorado community, these tend to not be fully implemented or very affordable for the population that needs access.


It is Bella Villa Builders intent through the One House Project to develop a strategy for building a home that can then be developed into a model fully accessible home.  Bella Villa Builders will be working with local architects on a universal design to assist in this effort of building a fully accessible, affordable home using green and recycled building technologies and strategies.  Once the home is designed, Bella Villa Builders will begin to develop funding streams to build the home and give it away to a family or organization in need.  One House Project will utilize all of Bella Villa Builder’s skill sets from locating a building site, acquisition, design and building through finishes.  Bella Villa Builders and One House will use the lessons learned from the process to enhance and strengthen the process and replicate the home for another deserving family with accessibility needs.


Bella Villa Builders will also continue to work with the community, individuals and families to assist with the building of ramps; remodeling bathrooms and other projects to help with their accessibility needs.


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1 Brault, Matthew W., “Americans With Disabilities: 2010,” Current Population Reports, P70-131, U.S. Census Bureau, Washington, DC, 2012.


3 HUD Multifamily Housing Inventory Survey of Units for the Elderly and Disabled, 2008.  U S Department of Housing and Urban Development. |  PO Box 875, Conifer, CO 80433  |  ph 303-683-4663  |   fx 303-845-9893